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Are you interested in learning more about wine, if so, then one of our Wine Tasting Trips may be for you? They are an interactive way of learning about wine during a weekend in the Languedoc-Roussillon as an individual, couple or group of friends. An alternative option could be as a corporate event involving team building and problem solving.

Our Languedoc-Roussillon tour will combine history, local food and wine. The Languedoc-Roussillon has a huge range of historic monuments, towns and villages as well as some amazing wines. During this trip you will the opportunity to visit the historic town of Carcassonne, the picturesque village of Minerve (pictured) and the seaside village of Peyriac with it’s sea salt farm, as well visiting a number of vineyards to sample their wine and experience the wine making process from vine to bottle.

A typical tour will start at Toulouse airport on Friday evening, around 18.30 to connect with flights from Gatwick (Easyjet) and Heathrow (BA). From here we will take you to your accommodation, Le Domaine de Puget, where you can settle in, enjoy the pool, go for a walk or just relax on the terrace. You will share Le Puget with abundant wild life. There are woodpeckers, owls, cuckoos, golden oriole, hoopoe and buzzards; red squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, hare and deer; with ducks, geese, carp and coypu (a South American native like a beaver) on the lake. Wild boar come down from the woods to drink at the lake on hot summer nights. You can walk for hours on the marked foot paths in the extensive oak woods and open fields that surround Le Puget. Dinner will be served on the terrace (weather permitting) or in the fabulous candle lit dining room.

Following breakfast out trip starts in earnest.

We will leave Le Puget and head towards the coast and Narbonne. You will have the opportunity to visit Les Halles, Narbonne Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace and the Canal de Robine which runs through the centre of Narbonne. Les Halles is Narbonnes famous indoor food market. Your senses will be bombarded by the heady aromas of croissants straight from the oven, freshly ground coffee, maturing cheeses, exotic spices, along with the vibrant colours of freshly cut flowers, deep red meats and locally caught fish. A food lovers paradise.

After lunch we will take  short trip down the coast to Peyriac de Mer (Peyriac on Sea doesn’t sound quite so romantic), where we will visit Chateau Peyriac de Mer and Kees Graste. This vineyard has a priviliged terroir, stretching from foothills down to the waters edge of the Etang de Bages et Sigean, where you will often see flocks of feeding flamingo’s. Kees will take us through his wines which include red, white and rosè AOC Corbières, and IGP des Coteaux du Littoral Audois red and whites. One of my favourites is his Muscat Sec.

Following the tasting you will have the opportunity to explore the village and the wooden walkway across the Etang. A walk around the etang takes appox 45 minutes.

On way back to Le Puget we will stop at the historic town of Carcassonne. You will have an opportunity to explore the fortified Citè. Carcassonne became famous during the Albigensian Crusades, when the city was a stronghold of Occitan Cathars. In August 1209 the crusading army of Simon de Montfort forced its citizens to surrender. Carcassonne became a border citadel between France and the kingdom of Aragon (Spain). The fortification fell into disrepair and was nearly demolished. Renovations began in 1853 and were completed in 1910. It is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site.   

There are ample places to eat, to suit all budgets, in a quiet restaurant to be found one of the many winding alleys on in the lively Place Marcou.

Departure day.

On route to Toulouse airport we will visit the historic market town of Mirepoix. Mirepoix has one of the loveliest and complete medieval small town squares in France. You will have plenty of free time providing you the opportunity to visit the weekly market, which is always an marvellous experience, where much of the produce is organically grown. The regional markets are always one of the best places to find locally produced cheeses, sausages, honey and preserves as well as specialty breads not usually available in bakeries.  

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